Labour & Delivery Information

Dr Darren Roberts with a newborn

The birth of your baby is essentially the culmination of 9 months of preparation and planning. We believe the goals of most parents and the Obstetricians and Midwives that provide care are usually the same – to deliver the baby as simply, smoothly and safely as possible and to ensure both a healthy mother and baby when complete. While labour is a natural process and this should be respected, from time to time problems occur where additional expert assistance may be required. This is when having the Obstetrician of your choice can be of additional benefit. Providing information on different options available to you to allow the safe delivery of your baby, including pain relief and method of delivery will hopefully assist in ensuring a smooth beginning to your family.

The onset of labour may begin either with regular contractions (tightenings) at least every 3-5 minutes, becoming more uncomfortable or following the rupture of your membranes. We recommend calling the labour ward of the hospital if you believe you may be in labour and we will guide you through what to do next.

Once you arrive at hospital we will listen to the baby’s heartbeat, time your contractions, check your blood pressure and heart rate and usually check to see if your cervix is dilating.

Some women may have their labour induced for a variety of reasons. The process will be discussed at the time of booking.

Caesarean sections are most commonly performed due to fetal distress in labour, baby’s head obstructed in labour, breech presentation or if you have previously had a Caesarean. Some women request a Caesarean by choice. If a Caesarean is required, Dr Roberts will perform this.